My (kinda) first OneHourGameJam entry

So, I recently decided to participate in online game jams to practice and build portfolio faster. I found out about and decided it was a good opportunity to learn and develop my skills by taking the best out of an idea as fast as possible. Also, it happens every week, so it's like a weekly workout for my game dev skills.

The day of the jam came and I wasn't home. I knew it wasn't gonna happen so early, so I was pretty calm about it. When I came home, I took my time to settle up and turn my computer on, open Spotify and start listening to some music. Then I went to the jam site and looked at the start time, it read that the jam started at 6pm. I looked at the system clock and it was 6:01pm.


I started running Photoshop and Unity as fast as I could, but that took me like 20 minutes, and from that moment I knew that it wasn't gonna be easy. I started thinking about the theme (space) as I was coding the game and searching for assets at at the same time, but I was having a lot of trouble putting the idea to work as the time was running out. I had like 30 minutes left when I realized I wouldn't make it. I didn't give up though, I decided to carry on and upload it later somewhere else anyway.

This here is the result of about 2 hours of coding. Even though I didn't finish it in time, I liked the result. Do I want to further develop it, put my own assets and stuff like that? Yes. Will I do it? Only time will tell.


Orbit Wars Play in browser
Nov 26, 2017

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